Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Long Way 'Round

Don and I wanted to go to the Arboretum today. And we did go, after a bit. But neither of us knew where it was. He thought maybe it was down by Fair Park, east of the city, so we drove down in that direction, and went all around Fair Park, touring some of Dallas' ickier areas. I thought, maybe it's near the zoo! Which is somewhere near Oak Cliff-- I remember passing it during my job training down there. The Arboretum is not in Oak Cliff. We have driven forever at this point, and somehow we end up in Las Colinas, which is where Don works. Here we stop and buy a Mapsco and find that the Arboretum is.... right on White Rock Lake. Which is so much closer to where we live than anywhere else we've been today. We ended up driving in huge looping circles around the greater Dallas area, almost 80 miles total, to get to White Rock Lake. Crazy, I know.

But the Arboretum was fun! We wandered all around the paths, making wedding plans (by 'making wedding plans' I mean this of course:

Me: "what if we blah blah blah? We could blah! And blah! !"
Don: "OK! Sounds good! Whatever!"


We played in the fountain, made out in the more secluded areas, did all the stupid things that we're old enough to know better but do anyways. All and all it was a nice day, and now he's grilling dinner. Hamburgers and hotdogs, of course, for Memorial Day weekend. Tater salad. I'm going to see if it's almost done yet.

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Benjamin said...

Yes. The abroretum is a beautiful place. One of those little pockets of beauty that one has to search for in this sea of concrete.

Getting lost can be fun.