Monday, May 29, 2006

Gettin' Stuff Done, Again

So, today was just a get-things-done kind of day. It had to be, after the last two days of goofy fun! Don worked on his truck, trying to get it ready to pass inspection (he got pulled over and 'warned' last week) while KK and I went to the laundromat. This was actually very satisfying! The thing is that Don and I are both messy, procrastinating people. We always have a load of laundry in the dryer, one on the dining-room table ready for folding, folded laundry stacked on the piano (yes, nice way to treat the nicest thing I own, I know), and a load moldering in the washer, waiting to dry. The laundry has never been "finished" since we first rented the washer and dryer! Well, we finally had them cart away the rented machines and we dragged (drug?) the dryer up the stairs--a perilous process. I was terrified that Don and dryer would fall back down the stairs. But the washer is still in the garage, and the dryer needs a different plug in order to go into our wall. Hence my first trip in two years to a laundromat. There's nothing quite like coming home with stacks of clean, folded stuff ready to put away! I remember this feeling from Vermont, when Don and I would wait until every single thing in the house was dirty (we're procrastinators, remember?) and I would haul all the sheets, towels, socks, everything down. Three hours later and it was all clean, stacked percariously on the shelves that house had in lieu of a "closet". Today KK and I did our cars while the clothes dried; there's a self-serve carwash across the street from the laundromat. Now my car is shiny and vaccuumed and I have enough clothes to last the week.

We also went to the mall today and I actually bought things-- a rare occurence! Usually we just wander aimlessly, window-gazing, people-watching. The original point was to get Don's hair cut. For reasons I can't fathom, he seems to need moral support for this, because he only goes when I go with him. But there was a long wait at the hair place so we shopped. Victoria's Secret, the Limited, Express-- lots of stuff on sale and I actually had a little spending cash. I need to buy new things more often; I kept saying things like, "Look! The elastic in this underwear is stretchy! And the colors are so bright!" Now I have some new things I really needed-- underthings, pants that I don't have to squeeeeze into. All on sale and bought with cash, yes. At one place the total was 27.06. I had a 100-bill, so I gave the cashier 102.06 to make it nice and even. You would have thought that I'd asked her to perform an appendectomy or something.... seventy-five dollars back, it's not that hard. Silly me thought I was making things easier.

Previous conversation with Don:

Him: So, what is that one called?
Me, on the floor: Downward-facing Dog. It's good for the back and everything.
Him: Yeah, I could see that. . .
Me: You should try it.


Me: Good grief, doesn't that hurt your back?

Don: Nah, it's actually kind of like that Upside-down Dog thing you were showing me ...

(Yes, he is INSIDE the truck hood... it looks like it's trying to eat him...)


Benjamin said...

You guys are so industrious.

Can you come over to my house.

My car could use a tune-up and the laundry is piling up.

I'll repay you with cold, delicious ice water.

Amanda said...

hey mara, what bank do you work for? I'm trying to get jordan a new job, though he'll hate me for asking!!