Monday, May 08, 2006

Fightin' with my innards

Ugh, not writing all week because I thought that if I waited, I wouldn't have to write about this draining urinary-tract infection thing I've got going on here. Soooo awful, and for a whole week now. I feel *almost* better except, now my kidneys hurt. I think it's my kidneys, anyways; twin painful spots up in my back. I'm drinking so much water that I pee clear. I've gone cold-turkey on the coffee. I've drunk 3/4 gallon of cranberry juice in the last 3 days-- the really strong kind. Whatever it takes not to have to go to the doctor. All they ever do is prescibe antibiotics, and antibiotics really mess me up. I always end up with more stuff wrong with me than there was before-- yeast infections, the works-- which of course require various treatments. A vicious cycle. I had to take some in January for a nasty throat infection, but that was the first time in maybe 2 years or so. This kidney part is worrying me, though; I've never felt like this before. I hope I don't have kidney stones or something. I think I'm going to visit one of those medical websites now.

Funny moment from Don this weekend:

"So I was walking the dog and thinking about that song, "One-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater", and I realized that must be why there are no longer any purple people, because they were the only kind of people that this monster would eat. Which also explains why the monster itself went extinct-- it demolished its foodsource and couldn't adapt to normal-colored humans instead."

(insert dazed stare from Mara here, then a much-too-long discussion about whether the monster itself is purple or eats purple people, the concept of "made up, not real", and the importance of placing modifyers in the right places ...) Well, at least on one level he understands the concepts of environmental sustainability, k-curves, etc. One of my environmental-studies professors once commented that E.S. is something most little kids understand intuitively but adults have to re-learn. It makes sense, in a way. I'm afraid my stream-of-consciousness-conversation style has had an effect on Don over the years.


Okay, according to WebMD, I need to go to the doctor, afterall; infection may be in kidneys not just in urinary tract. Damn. I guess I'll stock up on the yogurt to take with the cranberry juice....


Amanda said...

go to Whole Foods and buy Bio-K. I use that instead of anti-biotics ESPECIALLY for yeast infections. I reccommend the Non Dairy one. they've got a website too, but it's good shit man. Anyone who works in our nutrition dept uses it and swears buy it too!!

Mara said...

Thanks! So can I take anti-biotics to save my kidneys and simultaneously take Bio-K for the yeasties? Or do I have to wait and finish the AB's first?

Amanda said...

i suggest you finish the AB's becuase the Bio-k is just that, it is living organisms that ARE antibiotics, but they are the ones you find naturally in your body.

Take the bio-k when you finish the ab's and then use the bio-k when you start to feel nasty. it's kinda expensive but if you keep it as part of your reg. regimine, you may never have another yeastie again!

Marie said...

What, is it like yogurt? Or in a pill?

And I don't want to be nitpicky, but you might not want to say that they're antibiotics, because if it's replenishing your normal flora it's probiotic.

I do agree, however, that you should wait until you finish the antibiotics, because the whole problem is that they kill the very same good bacteria that a probiotic aims to replace. If you take them both at the same time you're just killing the bacteria you're ingesting along with the ones already in the vagina that keep the Candida albicans under control.

Amanda said...

they are probiotics, i woke up from a nap so my fingers were just typing words that made sense. and it's like highly concentrated yogurt. you drink it, in small dosages. takes some getting used to but I've the ones I've had, the non-dairy is the easiest to swallow. The original was like drinking cold old cum. bleh.

Marie said...

lol That sounds yummy.

And don't mind me, I'm just in microbiology mode and have been memorizing the types of antibiotics &c.

Mara said...

Oooh, cold old cum, my favorite. So much better than the warm, fresh stuff. :)

Thanks for all the info, you all are better than my mom!

Especially as she never says things like "cold old cum."