Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

When I started into the banking business, Sunday became my favorite day of the week. There's no banking on Sundays! It's always, guaranteed, a day off. D and I had our usual Sunday breakfast out, and today we made it early enough to actually be breakfast instead of lunch which is what usually happens. Sign from Poor Richard's Cafe in Plano:

Do Not Leave! We will seat in 10-15 minutes. We seat 260 people. Why would you want to eat somewhere that's not busy?

Why, indeed. On weekend morning/middays their line stretches out the door and around the corner but it does move fast. They have thin bacon there. I hate thick bacon, the way you have to chew at it and in a sandwich it all comes out in one bite because you can't bite through it. But obviously the people that make it think it's great, because you always see advertised, "thick-cut bacon!" Give me thin crispy bacon any day. Anyways.

Because we don't have kids yet I can get away with being judgmental of parents that we see out and about. For example in line at PR's was a family in which the mother is asking her son (maybe 2 1/2 or 3 y.o.) repeatedly whether he wants pancakes or a hamburger. He's just blinking and trying to turn away from her, into his dad's shoulder where he's being held. For pete's sake, I don't think I got my own meal at a restaurant until I was as least 7. At that age you can just give them bits off of your own plate, can't you? A triangle of the French toast, a piece of bacon. Three year olds don't need to make decisions like that, leave the poor kid alone! You know that later she's going to be all, "You said you wanted pancakes! Eat your pancakes!" or whatever. I'm sure that having kids of my own will be very humbling but until then, I can scoff.

Got a terrible sinus headache that D tried to fix by taking me to Barnes and Noble-- he claims that almost anything wrong with me can be fixed with a book and a cup of coffee although in this case he was wrong and it took my usual cocktail of Advil and Sudafed. The problem is that I hate taking medicines so I wait until I feel so bad that there's no other option, so it takes forever for them to work because the headache is kind of ingrained by then. Other headache sufferers will know what I mean-- it takes over your neck and shoulder muscles as well as your whole head and face. Now it's gone, thank goodness. A hot bath (naked!) helps with that. D has to be MOD tonight, he's working 3 until midnight or so. Bleargh. I work all Saturday, he works Sunday. I wish we could get it together better.

It's off to Mom and Dad's for dinner tonight, and KK and I are going to the gym(!) later tonight, so at least I won't be lonely. Also taking advantage of D's absence to play the piano for awhile. It's weird about the working out, because lately I've been wanting to start again and then she suggested it out of the blue. Great minds, I guess.


Benjamin said...

That was a great entry. Some physical action, some romance, a little nudity.

A PG-13, for sure, and flirting with an R.

Good work, my friend!

Benjamin said...

P.S. I like the U2 reference.