Saturday, March 11, 2006

Car stupidity

Argh argh argh! Total chaos morning in Maraworld. First, have work-dreams all night long, including one in which the bank is robbed. Funnily enough it's not a nightmare, just another stressful-day-at-work kind of dream. I wake up to go to work with that feeling of having worked all through the night albeit subconsciously. I thought I'd go to the gas station before work because I was running really, really low on gas. So low that I run out of gas right before I turn into the gas station, so that my car is stuck out in the intersection with the emergency flashers on as I run to the station, pointing to my car and babbling incoherently. Two nice boys help me push the car back from the intersection so that it's back in the left-turn lane ( by "help me push" I mean, they push the car while I'm inside it) and call me ma'am, which makes me feel very old but also that society is not quite being funneled down a drain and there is more than just hope for the next generation as it includes nice young boys who push cars and stuff. SO embarrassing. Then I'm late for work, and work is beyond hectic and crazy, because as usual we're at least one person short. Can we ever have a day with no call-ins, vacations, off-site meetings...

On the bright side I now know exactly how many gallons I get to a tank of gas. (358 1/2 to fifteen gallons, city miles with no A/C) And I will never let it get to more than 300 again before refilling.


The last part was written at work after the busy rush. I got to come home and relax, chill with D and the animals for awhile. Then my boss calls me (crying) to tell me that our co-worker, Mary, had just died. She was the one that called in sick, which in retrospect was very out of character. Apparently she had some sort of stomach bug and a fever and went to the hospital, but...

I'm just shocked, it's just too weird. I mean, nothing was wrong with her on Thursday or Friday, at least not that we could see...and it turns out she was fibbing about her age, she was actually 80, not 70 or 72 like we thought. God. I can't believe she's just gone, just like that, that when I said goodbye to her on Friday it was for good. Did I even say goodbye? Did I notice her leaving at the end of her shift, or did I just keep working? I can't remember now. I feel unrationally guilty for impatient thoughts that I had about her as though it makes any kind of difference.


Benjamin said...

Sorry to hear about your co-worker. It's so strange when people die suddenly.

And I'm glad those polite young men who pushed your car restored some of your faith in humanity.

And it was really great to see you today.

Benjamin said...

When are you going to update? I want to read all about your charming dinner companion at the Macaroni Grill.