Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ack! Feels like Monday!

What a jarring start to my day! I woke up from the dreaded school dream (I've enrolled for classes and about half way though the semester, I realize that I haven't been to this one class at all, that I've missed the semi-finals, it's too late to withdraw, and I'm failing. It's always too late to do anything about it.) It's always the same dream, since about 8th grade, even though it's been a good 2 years since I graduated. I guess my sub-conscious, after 18-odd years of school, just translates any stress into "school". Sometimes the school is a weird, Dali-esque version of my high school, sometimes it's college. It's always a math or science class. Anyways.

My supervisor calls me up at 7:00 (7:00!) to ask me if I can pick up Kristin from her house and take her to this meeting she's supposed to be at by 7:45. I'm in bed, stark naked and half asleep, and I'm supposed to somehow get her across town during rush hour in 45 minutes. RIGHT. She was in a car accident last night and couldn't drive her car. One interesting thing about my work: nobody seems to understand the concept of a taxi-cab: you know... you call them, they drive you somewhere, you pay them. We never make it to the meeting. Between the traffic, which was unbelievable, and Kristin's nausea (we had to stop at our branch for her to barf) I was actually late getting to work. Also feeling sick from the traffic, with no coffee and no breakfast, and I left my enormous buritto at home. The only saving grace was that my boss went out and got me a Starbucks to get me though till lunch.


Benjamin said...

This Kirsitn person seems to be a thorn in your side. You want I should "take care of her" for ya?

Also, your dream sounds bizarre. And it's reccurring... Have you ever tried to take conscious control of your dream and force your class to turn out the way you want?

Mara said...

My dreams are uncontrollable. Sometimes this is a really wonderful thing. Most of the time is sucks.