Saturday, March 04, 2006


Oh no! Long blog absence. It can be explained though; I've had a really boring week. And a really stressful week. Somehow the two correlate well. We were supposed to be having a baby shower for the girl here at work who's preggers but it's all fallen apart; people who were supposed to plan things didn't, people have called in sick... we are still doing it but it's going to be pretty lame. On Saturdays my goal is usually to get home as soon as possible and forget that work happened at all that day; not happening today. My day off seems to have been moved to Tuesday which is not a good day to have off, it seems to me. Too soon after Sunday and all; it makes the rest of the week too long.

I made chicken enchiladas last night for dinner and they were really good. I was in a weird funk and didn't have the energy to make the rice or the beans or the cream puffs that I was going to bring to the shower but at least I tried a new recipe for the first time in ages. By "make the beans" I mean open the can and heat them up. Those random bubbles of depression really sap your energy.


Benjamin said...

I think you should write more often about cooking topless or blogging in nothing but panties, etc.

Sorry the shower is a bust.

Heh, heh.

I said "bust".

Mara said...

I guess my blog is becoming boring for you, sorry. I write some of them from work though, and I wear clothes at my job. Otherwise I'd be making a lot more money than I do right now.