Friday, October 03, 2008

And I stayed up past my bedtime for this?

If Don and I had been but a bit more prepared to watch the Vice-Presidential debate last night, we could have turned it into a drinking game: take a swig for every time Sarah Palin said any one of the following:

"Darn right!"
"Moms and dads"
"Soccer" or "hockey"
"Kitchen table"

...Or, every time she dropped a 'g': gettin', makin', movin'. I mean sure, we would have been totally sloshed by the time the debate ended, but we're both willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of good politics.

Personally, I found it annoying and patronizing. Is this what "main-stream" (or is it "main-street") America wants: someone who uses the littlest words possible so as not to confuse the audience (or to keep from betraying the fact that she may not know the bigger words either?), talks as though nobody listening to her has the education or intelligence to comprehend the big issues? I know that I'm not "mainstream", for various reasons. But I can't be the only viewer (voter) last night that felt insulted by her attitude towards us, rather than warm-and-fuzzy. Either she's really talking down to the voter, or this really is "her": either insulting or terrifying, depending how ya see it. Don'tcha know.

Edited to add: We could have used 'maverick' for a chaser...


Bex said...

That's pretty funny actually. I was trying to think of a drinking game for the debate on my walk home last night because I knew she would use particular terms far too often.

And if I hear a reference to "Joe Sixpack" one more time . . . I found that insulting to just about everyone I can think of.

Mara said...

I know, right? "Joe Sixpack"? Does that refer to Don, even though he tends to buy the 12-pack, just because he drinks beer? Who the heck DOESN'T drink beer?

Bella said...

Jordan and I found it so painful that at one point we just flipped over to the E! True Hollywood story behind Friends.

Sarah Palin - as far as I'm concerned, is just a political version of the head cheerleader who gets by on her good looks, quick sass, and praying that her cuteness will outweigh anyones desire to REALLY see if she can graduate. I mean come on, we've all seen it before... how much you want to bet she was homecoming queen?

She's not breaking any glass ceilings - she's up there with duct tape trying to repair all the cracks most women have ever made in it!