Friday, May 23, 2008

To think, for some people it's free

OK, so I was all exited and smug because a jumbo, nasty bill came from my infertility doc's office, but it had all been covered by insurance, (thank you!) leaving me only fifteen dollars left to pay. (Which really makes me wonder-- why? Do human people ever actually look at these bills? Why cover over nine hundred dollars' worth of procedures and etc, but leave the last 15? Anyways.) You know how you're supposed to read through those bills to make sure you're not getting charged for stuff that wasn't done to you? Nothing like seeing, "catheterizing" on that list and going, "yup, yup, sure do remember that catheter! At least my bill's correct!"

Right now I'm less exited, having been informed that the twice-daily progesterone supplement that is my future offspring's only chance for survival, is NOT covered, for the stupidest reason involving how it's billed or something. It's going to cost me sixty dollars a month until we conceive, then $120/ month for the first three months of the pregnancy. (Hopefully.) AND, I have to use ovulation-prediction kits every month to pinpoint exactly when to start the hormones; I thought those would cost about what a pregnancy test does, seeing that they do the same trick of analysing the chemical content of urine. They don't. So, a couple of those kits every month, also until we conceive again. Essentially, trying to concieve is going to cost over a hundred dollars a month until we get lucky. I ran all this by Don, with the inevitable conclusion: conceive ASAP, save $$! It's going to be a busy month...

But first, we get to go camping* with not one dog, not TWO dogs, but two dogs AND a cat**! This is going to be super, super fun. Or, at the very least, give us good vacation-from-hell stories for another few years.

* What, isn't that how everybody celebrates their one-year marriage anniversary?
** She gets LONELY if we leave her behind! I know I swore she'd never come camping with us again, but it will be different this time. Really.


MotionDoc said...

Just a money saving thing - you can get OPK strip tests in bulk online - they don't have the fancy plastic holders, but it's just as easy to pee in a cup and dip.... check out ebay!

Congrats on finally finding a reason, and I'm sending sticky vibes your way!

On another note, I can't imagine taking a cat camping, so you get total props for that from me!

-Mindi (from MDC)

Lauri said...

Happy Anniversary! My first wedding anniversary was this weekend too! We celebrated by car shopping and potentially getting the sales person fired...camping with cats and dogs sounds like a lot more fun!

(I know you from MDC but I live in C'ville too.)

Mara said...

Thanks for the tip, Mindi! If we don't get pg this cycle, I'll have to check that out.

Lauri-- thanks! Car shopping may not be fun, but you get a new car... we end up with sand in our luggage.