Saturday, May 03, 2008

Renter's Daydreams

I want to keep beehives in my backyard, harvest the honey and beeswax. I would like to have chickens-- not a lot, maybe three, or five. I want a big garden, with lots of tomatoes and zucchini, and fruit and flowers. Someday, I will make tomato sauce and raspberry preserves from scratch, from my own yard, sweetened with our own honey. I have considered keeping a milk cow, but don't know if I could deal with the responsibility, and doubt that we'll ever have that kind of land. There will be lilacs, roses, black-eyed Susans, nasturtiums, morning glories. A teepee for green beans and squash, big enough for a child to hide in. And children. Of course, of course.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Maybe we can be neighbors. This sounds pretty great to me, too. (Except for the chickens. I'll keep a goat and trade you milk for eggs.)