Thursday, May 15, 2008

Answers, Answers!

Apparently, my progesterone sucks! It should be at least 10 parts per whatever (and I've heard 25 is better); mine is 6.8. This is fantastic! Out of the sea of perfect test results, a Problem has reared its monstrous head and announced, "it is because of ME that you can't hold a pregnancy! Me! ME!" And not a hard-to-fix problem, either. What is also amazing is that the doctor himself called me the very next day after I took the test. I could get used to this kind of care... We had quite a long discussion about progesterone deficiency and treatment: using ovulation-prediction kits to know just when to start the supplements, and whether I'll stay with the suppositories or go for the intra-muscular injections. (Ewww.) On the bad side, I was (am, actually) at work, so this lively talk of periods, ovulation, and suppositories took place in the bank lobby. Hey, it's really slow and there were no customers. I think that the doctor's average patient is probably a bit older than me (seeing that he's an infertility specialist) and perhaps more mature. All I know is that I have a tendency to giggle, especially at things like this:

Doc: ... and so if it were me, I'd probably stick with the vaginal suppositories for now.

Me: that sounds really funny coming from a man. . .

I mean, it's not possible, you know? See? Anyways. Very happy, have answers, can get started baby-making again ASAP. The only nagging doubt right now is that I had been supplementing progesterone already for the last two pregnancies, but maybe it was just too little, too late? I hope so. I hope this will be the safety net I was searching for.


Bella said...

THAT is absolutely fantastic news!!!! You get on that baby making band wagon missy (and who cares how it comes into your body, that little hormone boost on the wagon too!)

besides - when you announce a due date and send out cute little baby shower invites, i have JUST the thing to send, regardless of the sex.

Yay!!!!!!! (virtual hug)

Mara said...

Thanks Bella!!!

And thanks in advance for the sending(?)-- glad it's not gender specific b/c Don and I don't plan to "find out"... we'll probably end up with a cross-dressed baby either way!

Are you all doing OK weather-wise?

Benjamin said...

Yay for pinpointing the problem! Expect plenty of hobbity baby gifts in the future. Exactly what those are, I don't know. But your young un(s) will grow up with Gilderoy Lockhart's entire published catalogue (absolutely free of charge) in one hand and an authentic map of the Shire (to match the scale model in the backyard, sent to you piece by piece) or my name ain't Uncle Bilbo!