Friday, January 25, 2008

Save Me.

People that say 'anyhoo'. (sorry, Mom.)

that will write the street part of the address on a deposit slip, but leave blank the city/state/ zip line . Lazy, and ineffective too.

that write blog entries with excessive blog-styled language, like this: because? cookies? are yummy!, or because? I? totally dig Whitesnake. so that their otherwise intelligent writing suddenly takes a turn towards 1980's Valley-girlism.

that complain so much about everything and anything that it becomes a constant background noise. Everything sucks all the time, don't you know.

that are constantly surprised by the weather. Yes, it's cold outside; it is January. Mid-winter. It will most likely stay cold fairly consistently for the next two months. Related: People that combine the two to constantly complain about the cold. Wear thicker socks or move to Arizona already.

that highlight their dark-brown hair with incredibly obvious, very thin stripe-y blond and red streaks and then suggest that I need to do the same. Um, no thank you. Do what you like with your head, but leave me to rock my all-natural look. What's wrong with being a natural brunette, anyway? When did that become something to hide with red and yellow stripes?

that have to call their parents while opening a bank account. Or, that have to bring their parents with them to open the account.


Rachel said...

You could always do what I did, and become an unnatural all-over blonde just to spite your soon-to-be-ex husband who was never happy with your brunette locks in the first place. :)

Yes, there is a time and place (not sure when or where) for thin stripey red and blonde on a dark background, but not on my head thankyouverymuch.

Benjamin said...

Yeah, I always hate it when people make blog entries about how much they dig Whitesnake!

aquarian said...

G=Hi, I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love your blog and writing. I'm 26 (yesterday, in fact!) and newly married. And although we aren't trying to ttc, I find some of your posts so eloquent and heart felt that I want to print them out, and post them in my office.

BTW... just have to shout a 'hook em horns!' from down here in Dallas.

Mara said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you like the blog!

Bex said...

"Help me mommy! The big world is so confusing. Sooo, a debit card and a credit card are the same thing right?"

Gruppie Girl said...

What r u talking about? ;)

Mara said...

Oh, just venting about things that were annoying me that day!

I guess a more descriptive title would be, "Save me from people who do the following:"

Sometimes ya gotta let it all out so that it doesn't build up, you know?

trashalou said...

See! I? am! completley! with? you! 0n! Anyhoo (also apologies to your mom).

Mara said...

LOL, yr funny. OMG, ROFL