Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Not a Robbery

Dude. Yes, it's really cold outside, with some precipitation-- freezing rain turning to snow. I know you want to dress properly for the weather, but for the love of Pete, take that full-face-covering ski mask off BEFORE rushing into the bank and up to the teller window; otherwise you'll give us all heart attacks.

Then when you take the mask off, ask for a deposit slip, and comment on the weather, we feel somewhat foolish, what with the trip-hammering heart, sweaty palms, and all.


Benjamin said...

How would you react to one of those leather S&M masks with the zipper over the mouth?

Mara said...

I believe I would react badly. As there is no possible good reason to wear one of those into a bank.

Or anywhere else, come to think of it.