Saturday, September 15, 2007

Autumn at last

I feel a bit ecstatic, lately. It's the changing seasons, probably. My favorite month: October. Second: November. Third: September. Guess my favoritest season, go on-- guess! haha. I love having to grab a sweater to walk the dogs in the morning. You know what was at the farmer's market this morning? Pumpkins. (Yes, I bought one... but just a small one, I swear.) It's probably from growing up in a place where summer is something to be endured and autumn is a welcome respite from the relentless heat. Or maybe, being Jewish, I intuitively understand that right now, this week, starts the New Year-- not the arbitrary, dead-of-winter Jan. 1st, but the harvest season; the end and the beginning of the agricultural year. Or maybe, it's having started a new school semester every fall for 16 years. Who knows? But it's a fresh start, and I love it.

What to do with the pumpkin, though?


Benjamin said...

You're right about Autumn. I agree whole-heartedly. It always feels like a time for starting anew, as the air chills. Life remains precariously calm o'er an underlying stream of excitement. A certain fun spookiness pervades.

Meanwhile, large men in padding and helmets pound each other into the turf as they battle for possession of an oblong leather ball.

AuntSally said...'s almost time for HOCKEY!!!! Go STARS!!!!!

Mara said...

Gosh, how could I have forgotten about the sports?

Um, add that to the list of nice things I guess! To each his/her own, right? :-)