Wednesday, June 14, 2006


First, many apologies to my many loyal readers (hahahahhahha) for my long absence--things have been busy lately and for some reason I just haven't felt like going online much. First off, Don and I have settled on next May for our wedding, in Vermont. So if you want to go, there's time to make it happen, and then some! Late May should be do-able for an out-doors wedding up there, if it's not pouring down rain. Meanwhile we're taking a trip there in October, for a vacation and for wedding-reconnaissance. He and I haven't had a vacation since we moved back to Dallas 2 1/2 years ago... that's a long time to go without leaving town, without traveling at all. One little weekend camping trip is all we've done in that time. So we're going back to our town for a week at what should be the peak of leaf season (wow, we've gone from proper residents to leaf-peepers in less than three years, but if you're going to New England, might as well be there when it's at it's nicest. . .) Expect many brightly-colored photos of trees and us wearing sweaters being cute, and such. In December we're going to Big Bend with my family, which should be really fun.

It's finally occurred to me that we each get paid vacation time from our jobs-- why not take vacations? I'm going to try to make it a regular feature in our lives, plan ahead, pick destinations, save money ahead of time. It will be fun. I've never had paid vacation from a job before this one, so it's a new experience. Don prefers being spontaneous, but where does that get you? We're both scheduled in at work weeks or months ahead of time, so "spontaneous" means weekends at the most, driving-distance only: camping. Which is nice but not a real vacation, all that cooking and peeing in the woods.

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Benjamin said...

Hopefully, the cooking and peeing are kept separate, otherwise I'm never eating antyhing you cook ever again.

Good luck with the wedding plans. I look foward to the photos of New England in Autumn.