Monday, June 26, 2006

Chuggin' Along

on my own. I miss Don so much I've been listening to country music, and I don't like country. He should be calling pretty soon, funny how it's even worse after hanging up the phone. (I mean, clicking "end". It's not the same thing, really, is it.)

When I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday I realized that our sink was draining really slowly. So I went online and researched clogged sink-drains and how to fix them: went to Home Depot: took apart the drain stopper, unclogged and reassembled it. It made me feel very capable, and also feel that the cat should not sleep in the sink anymore.


Bex said...

I'm glad to know my cat isn't the only one to do that. Although I think he's usually just waiting for someone to come along and turn on the tap (he likes to play in the water).
Isn't the net great? Anthing you need to know, just look around and there's your answer. All hail the capable people, and those who share their knowledge online.

Mara said...

Yeah, Cathy loves the water too. Yay knowledge-sharing!