Monday, June 19, 2006

Chuck the Cake-deprived

Wow, I just had another really weird blog experience, remants of which remain below. Some bizzare person decided to write anonymous comments on like every blog entry that I'd written so far this far. Strange rude comments, mostly about cake, my ass, and how boring and un-readable the blog is. Which is really ironic, because whoever this was made 60 comments covering 6 months worth of posts! Even if you assume that this character is a speed-reader and got through every post in, say, 30 seconds and then spent another 30 seconds commenting, that's like one hour's worth of reading and writing for blog that is supposedly really boring. If he's not a speed reader, then maybe 1 1/2 hours to 2. That's a lot of time to invest in someone else's blog! I know some people (Ben) will assume it's the same co-worker that I was having blog-issues with before (the one that read my blog and took its contents to our manager behind my back) but I can't believe that that's true for several reasons:

1. It's fairly obvious that it's someone who's never met me as he refered constantly to my fat ass, lard ass, etc. I'm actually not overweight at all, although I could see how one would think that from reading the blog, esp. as there aren't any photos-- baking, not so much eating, is what I talk about but it would take an intelligent mind to notice that. Also, my co-worker and I have a similar build, so it would be very pot-kettle-black if it were her making those "lardass" comments.

2. The tone is very masculine and very dumb. She isn't either of those. If she were going to trash my blog she'd do it in a funnier, sharper way, with very witty, cutting comments.

3. Some really sad things have happened where we work this year; the death of one of our coworkers, and of another one's grandbaby. There's no way she would write disrespectful and mean things about those deaths as they affected her probably as much as me; same goes for my own grandmother's death. I just don't think she could write uncaring things about that, it's just not like her.

4. Almost every comment was a rude, negative remarks about my cake-baking skills, and I know for a fact that my co-worker likes my food! She once even organized a raid on some cookies that I'd been saving for a later meeting, on the grounds that if everybody had one nobody would get yelled at. (she was wrong, but it proves that she likes my cookies and that it would therefore be wrong to dis my cakes all over my blog.) Likewise, whoever it was has clearly never eaten anything I've made before.

So while she can sometimes be petty and immature, she's not mean-spirited like this fella is. Actually she's OK most of the time, and while we rub each other the wrong way sometimes I don't get the feeling that she's very put out with me or anything. So. Clearly this dude has some major dessert-related issues, probably stemming from never getting any cake as a child: it makes him resentful and bitter. I shall call him "Chuck the Cake-deprived" from now on, or until we discover who Chuck really is.
SO, we have a mystery blog-attacker! How mundanely exiting! I had to spend half and hour dredging up these comments and deleting them-- I left the last couple just for amusement's sake, and had to change my comment options to 'users only', which sucks because I liked never knowing who was going to drop in and say hi. It's just mysterious because if it's someone I know, who could it be? And if it's not, who the hell would spend over an hour messing with a stranger's blog that's supposedly too boring to read? What a conundrum! Chuck, what is going on in that little brain of yours?

Don's only been gone one day and I miss him. The apartment is too quiet without him and the autonomy is weird.

My sister blew off Father's Day entirely-- no phone call, no card, nada. Our dad is so hurt, although of course being a dad he tries not to show it. The whole time yesterday evening there was this question hanging in the air-- where was she? She's also pretty much ignoring me for the time being as she doesn't need our dog-sitting, and if she doens't need something than why would she bother?


So Chuck, go eat some cake (German Chocolate would be good) and then get laid. God knows you need something to do.


Benjamin said...
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Bex said...

So here I am checking my email (which I manage to do about once a week these days) and I see "Mara has invited you to . . " and think damn, she really wants me to start a blog. Naaa there's just some kid who has no friends who needs attention. Well I suppose I should start a blog anyway so I too can have an increadably long boring blog too.

Mara said...

Yay Becca! I'd love it if you started a blog! It would be almost like you didn't live 2000 miles away.

Wait, no it wouldn't. Still, it'd be cool!