Friday, July 17, 2009

What the baby books don't tell you

When Robert first came home, he averaged one poopy diaper per feeding, i.e. one every two to three hours. In fact, he has the tendency to fill his diaper while nursing; I don't know if that's typical or not. He gradually dialed it down a bit, thank goodness, to maybe every other meal. Then, he even went a few nights here and there with no poops at all. Then... he went all Wednesday night without poop. All day Thursday. Then all of last night. He seemed happy, content, not bothered at all, so I didn't worry to much... and then, this afternoon, he finally went. After maybe 40 hours. Oh, my God. OHMYGOD. The next time this happens I am calling Don home from work to deal with the diaper, is all I'm saying, because this is no job for an amateur.

I have never seen a baby look so darn pleased with himself, as Robert did at that moment.

About an hour afterwards, once I'd gotten him all clean, dry and in a fresh diaper and outfit, cleaned up the changing table, and changed my own pants (don't ask)... he went again. And now, I think he's working on another. OY vey.


Anonymous said...

His first "blowout" diaper! We call these "poopslosions" or say it is "poopapalooza time"! They can go right up the back of the onsie and get in their hair. I've had them happen during a playgroup a couple of times. I used all the baby wipes and then had to go home to give the poor little guy a bath.

Mara said...

Yep. Poopslosion just about describes it.