Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How to Freak Out a Husband

"Look at him... he's so cute. He's wonderful. Let's have another, ASAP!"

"You know, I really did think he was going to be a girl for awhile there. But since he's not, we can move on to Plan B... let's have five *more* boys, and then one girl. Weasley style!"

In other news, Don and I are going on a road trip soon, to take Robert to visit his grandmother. (I mean Don's mother, the baby's grandma). She keeps making these "jokes" about keeping Robert for herself, that aren't really "funny", at least to a hormonal new mama. And she seems a little confused by the idea that, since Robert is breastfeeding, he does not require any other foods and/or formula. Yes, mama's milk is ALL HE EATS. There is nothing anybody needs to buy from the store for him to eat. We are taking the dog and the cat along for the trip, as we usually do, so we'll be driving for ten hours with a dog, a cat, and a newborn who nurses every two hours. Although come to think about it, ten hours is how long it takes for just Don to make the trip, stopping only for gas, so it will probably take us, what, fifteen? Wish me luck. I wonder if there's a way to feed Robert on the road, without taking him out of his car seat, injuring my back, or being indecently exposed to passing trucks. I'm trying to remember why this seemed like such a good idea when we planned it out and promised to come visit...


ayla said...

Newborns are good in that they sleep a LOT. If you make planned stops every 2 hours for 20 minutes each, you'll only add an hour to your trip. Add two more unplanned 20 minute stops, and that will probably be as long as it will take.

I'd find someone to house-sit your animals, though. Who's watching the chickens?

Mara said...

Well I might have been exaggerating an eensy bit when I complained that it would now take 15 hours. :-) The girls (the dog and the cat) always come with us on road trips, they're no trouble at all. The dog pines if she's separated from me, and doesn't eat for days, so she comes with whenever we're not flying. As fas as I know, I have the only road-trip friendly cat in existence... Last year, we took them both camping with us over Memorial Day weekend, as well as my sister's dog. It just adds to the chaos factor, that's all.