Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More of the same

Two weird things.

First, bookending my vacation to Dallas last week, were two days of perfect flights. Four planes took off on time, landed on time, let me off the plane and into the airport, on time. Twice, I got through security with hardly any lines and no hassle. Nothing was cancelled, or rerouted, or delayed; I did not find myself in cities that I'd had no intention of visiting. I did not have to avail myself of the Little White Bags. For anybody not familiar with my general experiences with flying, to say that this is not usual for me is rather an understatement. All I can think is that the universe is still paying back a little karma for the Dallas/Austin/New Mexico saga last December. I wonder how many good flights I can have before my usual luck kicks back in?

Second, I had a doctor's appointment this morning (every two weeks now, sheesh) and I didn't have to wait. AT ALL. I arrived twenty minutes early, and was called back before I could even open a magazine. Then, instead of leaving me alone in the examining room for half an hour (you, know, like last time) the doctor came right in and did his thing. My appointment was scheduled for 9:45am, and I was back in my car by 9:51. Amazing.

Today's visit was with Doctor # 3, so I've finally met everybody who may deliver my baby. (Although I had ANOTHER fast-birth-accidentally-at-home-Don-delivered dream a few days ago. I don't generally put much stock in dreams, but why does this one keep coming up? I'm only a few repetitions shy of signing him up for an emergency-childbirth class.) Doctor # 3 seemed pretty cool, definitely laid-back, and rather patient-as-consumer, which isn't a bad thing. (I.e., birth = whatever the heck I want.) He did seem a little surprised that I was only now really thinking about labor and birth, that I hadn't signed up yet for the classes I hoped to take, etc. It's hard to explain, but after so many losses, one takes pregnancy day-by-day... you don't think ahead, don't plan ahead, don't assume that you'll still be pregnant tomorrow just because you happen to be that day. It's only now, in my third trimester, that I can start thinking about giving birth, breastfeeding, things we'll need for a baby, stuff like that. Everybody seems to be asking, "What do you have so far for the baby?" "Bought a crib yet?" "Done the nursery?" and it seems so foreign. Like, you do those things THIS EARLY? Don't you know what could happen? No, bless you, of course you don't. May it stay that way. But you would think that a doctor might make the emotional connection between the four miscarriages on the chart, and the delay of interest in the later stages of pregnancy, labor, birth. Either way, apparently I need to call the hospital ASAP if I want to learn how to breathe, or, you know, where the L&D department is.

I have gained an amazing amount of weight. (29 pounds if you must know, and I'm 29 weeks along. Hey!) I now weigh about one pound shy of my husband. Pretty soon if he annoys me, I will be able to just sit on him. But, the doc says it's no problem, nothing to worry about, except for if I want to lose it again later.


Bex said...

running dates? I need to get my ass in gear to lose this 15-20lbs.

Rachel said...

29 pounds is nothing, chica. Glad everything is going so well!

Mara said...

Becca, I don't "run", even when not pregnant... how do you feel about walking? Haha.

Rachel, thanks.

Bella said...

I started out at 115 pounds soaking wet, then I gained 40 pounds with Zephyr if it makes you feel better... and on the day he was born, I outweighed Jordan by 1 pound. I still lecture him that I should NEVER EVER weigh more than my husband, regardless if there is an extra body inside mine.

...and then I lost 25 of that right on the table when I gave birth. :)

Don't worry about the weight; if there's one thing about being a women we can all agree to - weight comes and goes of it's own accord. If I'm slightly softer but have my wee-one to thank for it, then I'll wear it proudly!!!

HerbalEranah said...

I just found your blog (from your siggy on MDC forums) I just want to thank you for your writing, insight and courage and congrats!! All the best for you and your family!

warbler said...

hi there mara,

just checking's been quiet and i've been thinking of you.