Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doctor's visit

I had my prenatal appointment this morning, the one I'm supposed to have every four weeks but haven't had since October. You know you dislike your job when a doctor's appointment is actually exciting and fun: when the idea of peeing in a cup and having your blood pressure taken is a distinct improvement over a conference call.

There are three or four different obstetricians in the practice that I'm seeing, and their policy is to rotate each patient through each doctor several times for office visits; that way when it comes time to deliver, there's no "Hi, I'm your OB today!" conversation between contractions. I think it makes sense, although it means you're never seeing the same dude twice in a row. Today's doctor is the practice's New Guy, and his accent is surprisingly similar to Dr. Zoidberg's of Futurama, making me wonder if Dr. Zoidberg's accent (which I'd always assumed was made up) is based on some authentic dialect. It it going to be very difficult to NOT think of this doctor as Dr. Zoidberg in my mind, sadly. I like him so far, though, because he seems very diet-and-lifestyle oriented. When I mentioned my insomnia, he talked about what to do and not do before bed; when the prenatal-vitamin-constipation issue came up, he listed prunes, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, instead of medications. I'm more used to doctors throwing prescriptions or samples at me, so it's rather refreshing. He asked me maybe six times if I had any questions, but I don't. Except for the insomnia, I feel fantastic. (Actually, considering the amount of sleep I'm averaging, I feel amazing, like if I got seven hours of sleep sometime, I'd probably be able to fly.) He asked me if I'd had any bleeding or discharge (nope) and then asked, "Is there any reason I should do a cervical check?" Well if I'm not having any bleeding or discharge, why would we need to do that, right? Are there some women that just don't feel like it's a successful doctor's visit if they don't have a gloved hand up their privates?

Getting weighed was really funny. I've gained a good bit of weight (enough where I think I need to start paying more attention or else hit 50 pounds by June, I'm afraid), but that increase is since my 8-week appointment three months ago, the last they have on record for me. The nurse weighs me and starts to record the number, and I watch as her eyes get huge (clearly thinking that I've somehow gained 20 pounds in four weeks-- is that even possible?) then furrowed, as she compares the dates, then relaxed again as she realizes that my chart is just really screwed up. "Haven't been here in awhile, huh?" "Nope."

The problem with watching my weight or my diet, is that food has become amazingly wonderful. ALL food. My appetite is amazing, I think about food and eating fairly constantly. Everything tastes so good, even mundane things like apples or hard-boiled eggs. I have almost said out loud, "Be QUIET, I am concentrating on this apple! MMMmmm... apple." but luckily did not, as I was at work at the time. But it's like that with everything. I distinctly remember having a conversation with a friend who told me about this second-trimester eat-a-thon (she compared it to being stoned, I do believe) and now I'm experiencing it for myself. Well, how hard can it be to lose fifty pounds, anyway? I must go, we're having eggs and sausages for dinner, and they aren't going to cook themselves.... Mmmmm sausages.


ayla said...

I gained 50+ pounds when I was pregnant. I didn't weigh myself in the last three weeks, I don't think. I lost all of it by the time I was six months post partum, while continuing to eat like it was my job. Unfortunately, I have started to gain some of it back now that my son is 14mo and not nursing as much, but a little exercise will rectify that. I hope.

Don't be afraid of weight gain during pregnancy, unless it's sudden and obviously fluid. This is the time when it's okay to be fat and eat fatty foods with cholesterol, because the baby needs fat and cholesterol for brain and nerve development.

Bon Appetit!

songbird45 said...

wow, I have none of that. I'm hungry, and the nausea is gone, but NOTHING sounds tasty. I'm pushing protein because I'm supposed to, and I want ice cream more than usual, but I'll complain to my husband, "I'm hungry" and he'll say, "what do you want to eat?" and I answer, "Nothing. I just want to not be hungry anymore." It's really kind of sad. I wish I could enjoy pregnancy more.

Mara said...

Ayla-- I have no fear of fat and cholesterol... it's the sugar that is worrying me! Somehow I don't think the baby is benefitting much from the Starbucks Chocolate-Creamcheese Muffin (muffin my ass it's obviously a cupcake) that has alarmingly become a part of my diet. I'm wanting sugar in the worst way, and not good wholesome sugars but stuff like the above, or Snickers bars, or Pepperidge Farm cookies. I've tried the "eat a piece of fruit when you're craving sugar! trick... I eat at least three pieces of fruit a day and still want cookies.

Songbird, sorry to hear you haven't gotten to the fun part yet! I hope your appetite picks up soon so that you can enjoy the smorgasboard, too.

ayla said...

Try dried fruit, if you want, but sugar shmugar. Keep drinking a TON of water and refuse the GD test (it's silly anyways).

You can also try things made with splenda, or eating small candies instead of large cupcakes, and spacing them out through the day.

My weakness was bread and caffeine. I tried hard to stay away from diet coke and didn't make it. I worked nights, diet coke was a prerequisite. I, too, was pushing protein by the end, to regulate my blood pressure, and it didn't always work.

There might also be cookies and such at a natural food store like Whole Foods that might use other kinds of sweeteners. My local co-op had cookies sweetened with fruit juice.