Monday, February 02, 2009

2009 Goals Checkup: January


1. Finish lower apartment: NOT done, but tons of progress. Don finished all the drywall and priming, and we bought all the cabinets and counter tops: it should be done within two weeks or so... (but where have I heard that before?) But, we DO have a renter coming, so that's good.

2. Financial system: not yet. But, I have made a few decisions that should make it easier: to pay bills a new way, and to get a real file cabinet, with files in it. (Do NOT ask what we've been using.)

3. Taxes: Haven't filed yet, but are on track to do so. We have all of our paperwork together, and are just getting a rec for a good tax person.

4. Credit cards: Progress! Made a full payment in January (no interest, ha!) to the Discover card, and will again next week. Will use my 4th quarter bonus coming on the 13th to start paying down Don's card, which will leave my Visa.

4A. Do NOT get more debt: Unfortunately had to put a past-due medical bill on my Visa, so no.

5. Start working with Don re: combining finances, reducing spending, and living off of one income. YES! We've had several very productive conversations, and I am already seeing results.

6. Cutting expenses: YES,YES, YES! Saved LOTS of money in January! Details to follow.


1. Clean: Yes. I'm not totally done, but after four weekends and many evenings, it is SO much better than before. The only rooms not clean and organized are the living room and the spare room. I could have people over, seriously!

2. Rearrange spare room: not yet, but I'm thinking about it.

3. Garden and new chickens: not yet. But I'm really waiting for spring anyway.


1. Cook dinners at home: Huge yes! We had only one dinner out in January, my birthday. This is literally the most at-home, from-scratch dinners we've ever had in a row.

2. Plan menus and shop only weekly: Yes. This is really working out well.

3. Keep the dishes done/ kitchen clean: Pretty much. Don is showing some resistance to doing the dishes every night, but he's getting there.

4. Stock freezer: have added 3 meals and some chicken broth.


1. Walk every day: yep.

2. Yoga class: No, too expensive and difficult to schedule. But I did get some DVDs and have been trying them out, instead.

3. Special tea: Maybe half the days.

4. Panic less often: doing pretty good.


Bex said...

We cook at home a lot but I need to menu plan. Like you've said, cutting down on unnecessary purchases at the store just because you're there isn't helpful.

Mara said...

For me, it's a time thing, too... both of the grocery stores I shop at are on the 'other' side of town, on the road with all the traffic, in the opposite direction from work than my house. It takes forever to battle the traffic on the roads, then in the stores... NOT doing that 2-3 times a week is quite liberating!