Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kingsley Shacklebolt for Minister of Magic!

I mean, wait. That's not what I mean.

Go, go, Gryffindors! Gryffindors for the Cup!

No. Crap.


Ha. That's what I was trying to say!

You people in Texas think you're all fancy with your early voting. Sure, I had to wait until today to cast my ballot, Virginia being ass-backwards in this respect, but did YOU get a free cup of Starbucks for wearing your "I voted" sticker? I think not! hahahahahaha Also I'm in a swing state and you're not, nyah nyah nyah

It may not have been my first cup today either.


Bex said...

I doesn't sound like your first cup. hehe

Mara said...

I was highly caffeinated at the time of posting, yes. Also more than a little buzzed about having voted...

Rachel said...

I also got Ben and Jerry's AND chick fil-a (I had to turn in the sticker there or I would've probably found some other establishment to give me free stuff). WOOT!