Friday, November 14, 2008


When I was young, my mom used to make chicken soup from scratch: homemade chicken stock, fresh (frozen) vegetables, fat egg noodles, identifiable chunks of chicken or turkey. Campbell's or Progresso, it wasn't. The problem with that kind of thing is that it spoils you for the rest of your life, making it neccessary to either develop those skills yourself, or marry someone who has them. Now Don is very good to me when I'm sick, he'll bring me soup, water, crackers, tea, run me hot baths and refill the vaporizer, but he can't make homemade soup. He might think it's a waste of time and space that I always make stock from our leftover chicken carcasses, since it takes all day and lots of valuable freezer space. But it is all worth it when I am as pathetically sick with the flu as I am today, and can make myself homemade soup in just a few minutes that's as good as my mom's. What was funny is that I tried to go in to work and got sent right back home (oops), so I went straight back to bed and woke up a few hours later completely forgetting about the whole went-to-work bit and thinking that I'd massively overslept and was hours late for work-- why hasn't anyone called me?!-- only to look down and see that I am still wearing my work clothes and not pajamas. The rest of the morning came back to me then. I think the fever is affecting my ability for rational thought, honestly. I'll probably come back and look as this entry and wonder what the heck I was on. (Chicken soup. I'm on chicken soup. hahahahaha) OK time to go back to bed now.

Except: has anyone else seen that Progresso commercial, where a guy is sitting down to what is clearly a bowl of Campbell's chicken noodle, when his wife replaces it with a bowl of Progresso and says, "the kids are gone, honey, it's time for the good stuff"? What is she implying, that it's ok to feed your kids crap and save the good stuff for yourself? It just seems so selfish... I mean she's talking about real food, not Halloween candy or something.


Bex said...

it is ok to feed your kids crap. People all over the country do it everyday. The government advocates it by also feeding them crap at school. Oh and they kind of advocate it by allowing companies to continue to use ridiculous and obviously obesity inducing ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. I mean really. Double, tee, ef y'all.
But I'm ranting here.
I'll make you soup Mara and it will not be from a can.

Mara said...

But most of that is done either in ignorance or for lack of alternatives. This couple can clearly afford what the commercial considers "the good stuff" and they've ascertained that there is a difference. Also they're talking taste not nutrition.

Thanks for the soup offer! Although right now I still have a big pot-ful.

Polly Gamwich said...

Do you still have three chickens ... or was one spared for the "good soup"?

Hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Yay for homemade chicken soup. I think sometimes though, holding on to stuff like that gets in the way of what we really can handle. Putting that pressure on ourselves. Pill wouldn't eat chicken soup from a can or homemade, so I wouldn't waste that time just for myself, kwim? I wouldn't (now) consider the canned stuff to be crap :) just because it doesn't taste as good (or have any redeeming qualities period). It'd be enough that someone else made it for me.

SMOOCHES---recover quickly.

Mara said...

Ya'll are too funny. OK--

Polly, I can't believe you even asked that! Of course we didn't cook a chicken!

Rachel, I actually don't consider the canned stuff crap at all (Campbell low-sodium chicken noodle = good stuff), it's just that when I'm sick and whiny, and I want my mommy, then I want her soup, too. And I like making the stock-- as a fellow cook I know you'll understand that part of it. As far as the commercial, it is clearly trying to portray one brand of soup as "that crap we feed the kids" and the other brand as "the good stuff we keep for ourselves", which I find disturbing.

Bella said...

Yay! I'm not the only one who thinks that commercial is crap!!!

..and you're my hero for all the homemade cooking you do. Jordan is obviously the chef in this house, but I've always wanted to be that mom that could make real soup when my family is sick... sigh, at least I can make a mean-ass pancake when they are feeling better!!!

Hope you feel better soon!

Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

I'm sorry you're sick, Mara. But I hope the chicken soup serves as a comfort regardless of how it was made.