Monday, October 05, 2009

Grandma's Visit

I know they're all blurry. I need to learn to better use my camera. But the scenes were cute, even though the documentation sucks.


Bex said...

yay Grandmas! There has been a few super cute babies through here. You should definitely come visit.

Mara said...

Bex, thank you. It's just a matter of renewing passports (plus getting one for Robert), finding an extra few thousands in the budget (surprisingly difficult since I stopped working), and Don having some time off work. (He took all of his PTO when his father was ill and dying, won't have any vacation for another six months or so.) Tell you what-- if he gets laid off, maybe we'll just say to heck with it, and blow all the savings on a trip to Europe instead of doing all the things we aught!