Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun with vocabulary words

Me: "Who's mommy's little kumquat, huh? Who's a little kumquat?"

Robert: (looks politely puzzled, as though he's not at all sure who my kumquat is, but hopes that I find out soon.)

Don: "Kumquat? Come on, honey, he has a lot of hair but he's not *that* hairy..."

Me: ???

..... (insert much longer conversation here).....

Me: KUMQUAT is a cute little orange citrus fruit. SASQUATCH is a hairy bigfoot. I wouldn't call our son that!


Steph said...

Well he has a good shock of hair for a newborn.. how about Mommy's Little Kiwi?

ayla said...

Steph says there's hair, I haven't seen any yet! Where are pictures? Did I miss them?

Mara said...

Scroll down a tiny bit, they're there! Maybe 2-3 posts back.

Deb said...

Maybe he thought you meant kiwi?? Odd.

I clicked on your link on MDC, I'm not a crazy random stalker ;).