Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bits of Things

The Target in my city sells basic cloth diapers, which is nice. They do not, however, sell diaper pins. They use stylized images of diaper pins in their baby-section decor, but they don't actually offer said pins for sale. This confuses me, because without the pins to hold them together, the diapers are nothing more than burp-rags. I tried both the masculine and feminine methods for Finding Something in a Store, (because I am in touch with all of my aspects); first I wandered around by myself for ten minutes, looking and looking. Then I asked a salesperson for help. Neither method produced satisfactory results, but the womanly way was faster and more efficient, and came with a tip: try Babies'R'Us.

I've finally been making some progress around the house, little by little. Nothing like an impending deadline to get that fire burning, you know? There's still a ton to do, big messes everywhere, but I at least have a game-plan now. Don has discovered one of the Many Things to NOT Say to One's Pregnant Wife, which is that the fabric that she picked out for curtains* looks to him like it's covered in big marijuana plants**. This is the fabric that I spent three days choosing, on which I had already asked his opinion, and had spent most of the weekend sewing. It's a leafy, green batik print that mostly resembles BAMBOO. Believe me when I say that he has spent most of this week admiring the curtains...

I'd love to paint this room as well, but can't because it has water damage on the ceiling and (now) on one wall. The plan is: fix the leaky roof, THEN redo the walls/ceiling. It just makes more sense that way, really. But it will probably be a few weeks at least before Don can get to the roof, so no pretty green walls yet.

Had yet another doctor's appointment this morning, everything is still fantastic. Nothing to report. Turned down the option for a vaginal exam/ cervical check, because really, there's no point to them. When people ask me whether I'm dilated at all yet*** I basically just fib and say 'no'. I mean, I might be, and I might not be. It's easier than going into a diatribe of why internal exams aren't necessary during the last weeks of pregnancy.

*not for a nursery, since we don't have one, but for the room that is becoming the guest bedroom.

** Since he does not partake of said leafy herb, it wasn't a compliment, like, ah... my favorite plant... that it would be coming from some.

*** HONESTLY, the things people ask a pregnant woman. I'm sorry, but my cervix became your business WHEN exactly?!


Lauri said...

I've seen those cloth diapers in Target...with nothing to use them with! I seriously think that they stock them as burp cloths.

Anyways, have you tried Nature's Child for diaper pins? They just moved to the downtown mall and I know they have a big cloth diaper selection so maybe they have the pins? Oh and I just saw on the Alb. Kids site that a consignment shop has opened in the old Nature's Child space and they say they are selling consigned cloth maybe they would have something.

(I'm on MDC but I live here too...!)

Anonymous said...

I recommend snappies vs diaper pins
My husband still remembers being stuck by a diaper pin and he is 40 years old!

I loved mother-ease one size diapers and airflow covers.

I also love, love, love fuzzi bunz. They are expensive but fantastic. It is nice to have a few around for the diaper bag or when you don't feel like dealing w/ a diaper and cover.

I didn't love the old-fashioned prefold diapers. They leak a lot and you usually need to change the diaper cover every time. Motherease are so absorbent that you can usually rotate 2 covers all day. (use one while the other air dries and switch at next changing time). Check out the forums on Motherease's website. There are lots of experienced cloth diapering moms on that forum that can answer any of your questions.

Hope some of this info helps.


songbird45 said...

I bought the newborn cloth diaper package from It comes with Snappis & disposable liners (in case I have to use rash cream), and the Internet tells me that Gerber prefolds are worth Nothing At All except for burp rags. Dh is going to be a SAHD, looks like, so he'll probably know how to put on a prefold while I'll be the helpless one who somehow snags the Snappi on my kid.

Rachel said...

I would be using snappis instead of pins anyway :shrug I liked prefolds with a FB cover or just plain sidewall folded with snappis for at home.

Mara said...

WOW, you post one little entry on diapers and BAM! hahahaha. Let's see...

Yes, I am familiar with the amazing Snappi, and those were actually what I was searching for; I figured if they had a "diaper pins" section they could possibly have Snappis too.

I have an assortment of all-in-ones, pocket dipes, and a ton of different covers, and some really neat hemp prefolds. I wasn't sure about them at first because they were HUGE and FLAT, but after washing they got all soft and fluffy. I just wanted some basic cotton prefolds to round out my collection, and something to hold them together with!

Lauri, I will definitely check out Nature's Child, thank you!

You are all awesome with your help and suggestions!