Monday, January 19, 2009


I celebrated my birthday Saturday in typical fashion, by mopping a lake of water from the kitchen floor and doing dishes in the bathtub. Nothing like a frozen, busted pipe to help highlight the day! On the bright side, the kitchen floor has never been cleaner. On the extra-bright side, none of the water seems to have penetrated the down-stairs kitchen, the one that Don has spent six months renovating. When Don and I went to Lowe's yesterday to get the replacement parts he needed to fix the sink, everybody else there seemed to be getting the same stuff, and the stock of valves and hoses looked as though it had been ransacked. Guess we weren't the only ones in the neighborhood to forget about leaving the cabinet doors open and the tap dripping. It just doesn't get that cold here very often, so one forgets the routines.

I also got a pedicure, for the first time in many months. When I walked in, the proprietress looked me up and down and said, "You look different!" This has got to be the best, most discreet inquiry I've heard, because there are so many possible answers: "Well, I'm pregnant!", "I changed my hair", or whatever. So much better than a direct, "Are you pregnant?" that could be embarrassing if the answer were 'no'. I've gotten to the point where I'm visibly pregnant, for the most part; a nice change from just looking ten pounds heavier than usual. The pedicure was a birthday treat (from me), but I also consider it a frugal expenditure, because I get the worst in-grown toenails, and a pedicure is still cheaper than repeated trips to a foot doctor. Then again, I am a master of justification-- just ask me about the Ben & Jerry's that I'm consuming for the calcium. (What?)

This morning the baby was doing his usual acrobatic routine of thumps and kicks, and I could feel one kick quite clearly with my hand that was resting on my belly-- the first time I have felt anything externally. So I woke Don up and made him roll over, so that he could feel. The baby immediately stopped moving. So it's going to be like that, little fella, huh? Being difficult for mama already? There are sometimes these funny little kicks directly to my side, that make me think of when swimmers reach the end of a lap and do that turn-kick thing on the side of the pool to start the next one; I keep waiting to get one on each side so that I can time the laps. Less funny are these new kicks straight down, that I guess are probably hitting my cervix but feel exactly like a punch to the Girl Parts and are about as pleasant as they sound. Still, I welcome any and all movement, even the crotch-kicks, since nothing keeps me calm and relaxed like knowing that the baby is still alive. It's a good feeling.

Don and I reached our goal of no-dinners-out-until-my-birthday, perhaps our longest stretch of home-cooked meals to happen while we were both employed. That bit is going really well, especially since I've been quite good about keeping the kitchen clean, the biggest obstacle to cooking in my home. I've been trying to get some of the other rooms under control, too, and have filled two big boxes with clothes for Goodwill. Today I will actually drive them there and drop them off, which I have discovered through trial and error is the only way to actually get said boxes out of the house. It's funny that just having the good intentions and filling the boxes isn't enough; they will sit in the corner of the bedroom forever without that crucial last step. This should help a little with the ongoing Laundry Issue. I figure the more goals I get done in January, the better, since New Years ideas tend to fade with time.


Bella said...

Just wait until the wee one gets big enough that they head-butt you in the cervix; and people think you're having contractions when in reality, your knees buckled from the impact of being punched in the girl parts with a ramrod!

But yeah!!! The cool stuffs is just starting; it's really neat when you go to turn a corner, but the baby sort of turns the other way and you run smack dab into a wall!!!

by the way - just for shits and giggles, I think you're having a girl... :)

Mara said...

I think I'm having a girl, too! No idea why, that's just the feeling I have. I still try to switch up the gender when referring to the little one, though, just in case.

ayla said...

I want to see belly pictures. Really, that's the only reason I read your blog. :) Also, what was the heart rate?

Steph said...

Are you guys peeking or waiting til the big day to see if he's a he or she's a she?

Mara said...

Ayla-- I'm waiting until my belly looks more "pregnant" and less "flabby" before posting any pics. Heartrate was I think 180 at 12.5 weeks, but I'm not entirely sure, I'd have to check the u/s photos.

Steph-- yes, we're waiting, so bring on all the old-wives-tales!

Rachel said...

I got to mop my floor too, but thank Claude the pipes didn't actually burst. I"m just a dumbass and turned the faucet on too much hoping the pipes would thaw overnight. Yep! LOL

Steph said...

Wives tales that "worked" for me in sex prediction: With my boys, I carried very low and out front. My girl was very high and my bum, face, and thighs got quite "pregnant" too! With my girl, I had lots of zits and was very emotional. With my boys, good skin and even temper for the most part.

Bella said...

With my boy - I carried out front (like WAY out) and super low; had great skin and hair; and only lost my marbles in the last 2 weeks before he arrived.

I can't wait to see your belly shots!!