Monday, August 18, 2008

schadenfreude, or sympathy

One of my friends is pregnant. It happens to be someone who has said repeatedly that she never intends to have children, and that if at some distant point she ever changed her mind, she would adopt. She's a bit bowled over by this obviously unexpected event. She was kind enough to tell me before anybody, and preface it well. (I think she said something like, "you're going to hate this", or "don't hate me" or something.) Of course part of me is questioning the powers that be, "really? she gets knocked up? Is this fair?" but mostly I feel for her. I can't really imagine what a truly unexpected pregnancy would feel like since I have always, always wanted kids, but I can guess and it isn't pretty. I'm guessing that she plans to keep the little critter, but I think I might mention that Don and I have NO problems with interracial adoption, just in case...


Rachel said...

Oh honey. (((((MARA))))

Bella said...

I don't know what to say, really, but I send you hug.

MotionDoc said...

I'm sorry, I remember hearing similar news after a miscarriage, and it sucks.
-Mindi22 from MDC

T. Martin Cooper said...

Hope this gets to you, couldn't figure a better way to message you! Ha. Ever read "Nourishing Traditions?" As a bibliophile maybe you have, but, its such a good resource.
Two websites that are really interesting
that one is the best, though this next one is equally informative.
Blessings on your desires for children.