Thursday, December 13, 2007

Call me Einstein

I have discovered the following:

1. The public library. Why did I ever stay away from this marvel of civilized society? The limit here is 75 books! 75! I can take out as many as I want for free. There are a lot of small libraries incorporated into a larger system here, it's nice.

2. Creamed spinach. The cream, it does things to the spinach. Makes it milder, somehow. Perhaps this explains why spinach with cheese is so good, like in a quiche or spinach dip or that Greek dish I can't pronounce or spell. I don't know what kind of chemistry this is, but it will be hard for me not to add cream anytime I do spinach from now on.

3. For some reason I've been sleeping really well lately. One of these dietary supplements seems to be having the un-looked-for side affect of helping my chronic, mild insomnia. Tuesday night I went to bed at 10:00 and fell right asleep and slept till 6:00. Felt like a new person after, seriously. Unfortunately I don't know which part of this cocktail is doing the honors.

It's been a big week, really.

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