Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trojans and Mutts

Why look, it's my blog! I haven't been here in a while. For many reasons, or many excuses. First, I had a Very Bad Virus on my computer, and I really couldn't use my computer online till it was fixed. Usually, McAfee just finds the virus, Trojan or whatever, deletes it, and a little window pops up that says,

"Virus found and deleted!"

and disappears again. And I pat McAfee on the head for being such a good anti-virus software, being so diligent, protecting my computer! But this time, the window said,

"Trojan found, unable to delete"

which started all kinds of trouble. Many hours spend doing scans, visiting McAfee Help Online, visiting their forum boards, reading the FAQs, downloading their helpful mini-programs, running scans again. I eventually triumphed over the evil Trojan, which is now in quarantine. And I learned a lot about my computer and what to do with it. Like, Safe Mode. I didn't know what that was or how to use it, and now I do. This is the kind of thing I generally go to Don for, so it's nice to know that I can fix it myself if necessary.

And on Sunday, I had to work at the bookstore, when I've never had to work there before over the weekend. Everything I had planned to do-- you know, nothing interesting or fun but those little things that keep life moving like laundry, clean sheets on the bed, cleaning out the fridge-- didn't get done. So, no time to write. But, I've given my 2-weeks notice there. Starting in March, I will work just the one job, and just 35 hours a week.

I'm so exited that it's hard to describe. I'm trying to picture coming home from work on a Friday. It's about 5:00pm, and I have no other job to rush off to. The evening is mine, to spend with Don, to go out, to do as I wish. The weekend is mine. And all the evenings of the next week. It is an embarrassment of riches, this impending free time. The funny thing is that because the bank pays so much better per hour than the bookstore, I will barely be making any less money working 35 hours a week than I have been working 50-55 between the two of them these last three months.

Last night, Don and I watched the Westminster Dog Show, and Pedigree was running these commercials in order to raise money for their Adoption Drive . The first time this commercial came on, I cried. I think it's time to get another dog, or maybe, take some of my new free time and use it as volunteer time at the shelter here. Either way, I've decided to use dog-ness as a new judge of potential friends. I can't think of anyone worth knowing, off the top of my head, who doesn't like dogs.


Bella said...

Ya...I was nursing Zephyr when I saw it. I cried. Can I just say that I'm really looking forward to not having such an overload of emotions??? These hormones are supposed to even out soon...or so they tell me. :)

Mara said...

Well, I'm not pregnant, not nursing, and not post-partum. So what's *my* excuse for bawling? And I'll be honest, Don's eyes didn't look so dry, either. It's a tear-jerker.

P.S. Way to keep on with the nursing, I've heard the first 6 weeks are the most difficult and it's easier after that.

Bella said...

Actually, I wish it were going well. I love nursing...the bonding time is great and the hormone it releases makes you feel slightly buzzed. :) However, I've run into a little family genetic problem: my milk isn't nutritionally full enough for him and I can't produce 8oz every three to four hours. Apparently my grandma and mom had the same problems; "watery" milk and healthy eaters. Sigh. So he gets soy formula (keeps the gas down) and the nursing is just to give me some boob relief. Course...I'm weaning him now cause I have to go to work in two weeks and there's no point anymore.

I'm actually really sad about it. :(