Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January Franklin Awards

About a month ago I mentioned creating a new award, like a Darwin Award for banking, the Franklin. I think I've found this month's contender, a girl who brings financial knowledge to a whole new low. This is an (I swear!) un-embellished conversation between this customer and my coworker, Kristin.

Girl: Um yeah, hi. I'm trying to find out why I haven't gotten a statement for my credit card yet in the mail.

Kristin: Ok. How long have you had the card? Because it takes a few weeks, sometimes a month.

Girl: I've had this card for a couple of months now! I keep using it but haven't gotten anything in the mail for it.

Kristin: A couple of months with no statement? Let me check it out. (brings up girl's accounts on the computer system.) I'm not seeing a credit card under your profile... are you sure the card is with this bank?

Girl: Of course it is! It says (insert bank's name) right on the card!

Kristin: If you have the card with you I can take a look at it. (Gets card from girl.) Ummm... this isn't a credit card, it's a debit card. Like, a check card?

Girl: I know that, but whenever they ask me 'credit or debit', I say 'credit'! That makes it a credit card, right?

Kristin: .....

Kristin: (mightily refraining from inappropriate comments like 'How did you ever get into this university' or 'Are you blond underneath') No, hon, all it does is make you sign for it instead of using your PIN. Any time you use your check card that money's gonna come right out of your checking account. It never works like a credit card. A credit card is something you have to apply for separately, and it won't say 'debit' on the front.

Girl: .... (thinking seriously)

Girl: So is that why those transactions keep showing up on my checking account statement?

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