Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Random Baby Moment

Do you know what this thing is? It's some kind of interesting combination between stuffed animal doggie and blankie. I was eating lunch yesterday at Bodo's Bagels, reading the paper, minding my own business. When this baby--for no apparent reason--toddled up to me, eyed me seriously for a moment, and handed me his... doggie-blanket-thingie. Not in a dismissive I'm-finished-with-this-now way, but very earnestly; it was as though he had decided that out of all the good folk eating their lunch at Bodo's, I alone could truly appreciate the specialness of a well-chewed blankie.

He was quickly followed by an apologetic guy about my age, who rescinded the dog-blanket, scooped up the child, made quick small talk (I'm just the baby-sitter, he's one year old, so sorry, wave bye-bye to the nice lady) and left. The whole thing was weird but slightly touching.

I have lost internet access at home because the modem is dead, dead, dead. BAD modem. I think I may have a slight 'problem' re: being online (like, addiction?) because in retrospect being offline for a few days shouldn't be that big of a deal, right? But I was distraught. 2 days until my vacation, though! Which will be a fairly internet-free vacation, which will be healthy.


Benjamin said...

I'm with you on the internet addiction. It has a way of gobbling up one's time like some kind of time-eating cyber-monster-thingy. A few days away from it would do us all some good.

Bella said...

those little blankies are actually kinda cool. we have one for zephyr that is a blue polka dot dog and the idea is that they have something soft and comforting to "teethe" on, and it can wipe up drool. double duty! Usually their so soft you could very adult things. hahahah. ;)

I'm betting a year and your pregger. :)